New Monster Network publication: Promises of Monsters

Soma cover
Image description: painting with black, purple and white paint, some in horizontal stripes, some looking like they are dripping down

In 2016 the Monster Network organised the international conference Promises of Monsters at the University of Stavanger. In our own humble opinion, the conference was nothing short of fantastic, and for close to two years we have been working on a publication based on the themes and debates raised by the fabulous speakers and artists. That publication has now seen the dawn of day and  – as any unholy creature would – is roaming the world, looking for trouble and its creators. Want to find it before it finds us? Get your special issue of Somatechnics: Promises of Monsters right here! You can read the introduction Promises, Monsters and Methodologies: the Ethics, Politics and Poetics of the Monstrous for free.  You can also read more about the publication in its entirety in this blog-post by Donna McCormack.