Monsters of the Anthropocene: Collaboratory at the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities

The Monster Network is excited to announce that we have received funding from the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities to establish a two-year Collaboratory called Monsters of the Anthropocene. The Collaboratory PI is Rebecca Scherr, and it is created in collaboration with Hugo Reinert.

‘Non humans only’ (2011) by Tove Kjellmark. Image description: a glass case on a metal trolley. The class case is filled with toy animals whose fur has been removed. A thick line of cords is connected to the glass case, and there is a painting of a small child hanging on the white wall next to the glass case. There is a window directly behind the glass case.

Drawing on feminist theory, decolonial theory, queer theory and critical disability studies, the Monsters of the Anthropocene Collaboratory invites creative and critical engagements with the figure of the monster in order to address questions of power, vulnerability and othering in the Anthropocene. To do so, the Collaboratory hosts a reading group series as well as a series of workshops and a mini-podcast series produced in collaboration with the University of Stavanger as part of the Monster Network’s regular podcast series Monster Talks.  The aim of the Collaboratory is to foster interdisciplinary collaborations as well as create a space for co-writing research grant applications. In other words, we aim for the Collaboratory to be the beginnings of bigger and even more monstrous things yet to come.

If you are interested in participating in this monstrousness, you’re welcome to join us – the first two reading group meetings are open to all and take place on the 4th of February and 18th of March, both at 14:00 – 15:30 Oslo time on Zoom.  After the 18th of March, we close the reading group meetings in order to allow the core group to focus on collaborations and research proposal writing. The workshops, however, remain open for all.

If you would like to participate in the first reading group meetings to find out if this is something for you, feel free to contact us at promisesofmonsters [at] gmail [dot] com to hear more and to get the Zoom link and password.

We will update this website with news of lectures, workshops and other events relating to the Monsters of the Anthropocene Collaboratory, but you can also read more at our OSEH website.

Monsters of the Anthropocene: an OSEH Collaboratory (2021/22)

Image description: Ghost Trees in Snow, Wikimedia Commons. Sheila Sund from Salem, United States. Image description: Snowy landscape. Two spruces covered in snow are almost swallowed by a white fog. The fog erases the line between ground and horizon.

We’re happy and excited to announce that the Monster Network has received funding for a two-year Collaboratory at the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities, the University of Oslo, together with Rebecca Scherr (internal PI) and Hugo Reinert! The Collaboratory will take the shape of a reading group, and we will organize two workshops on the subjects of the monstrous and the Anthropocene. Keep an eye on our website for more information on the latest developments and possible ways of getting involved with the Collaboratory.  

Until then (and after): beware the monsters of the Anthropocene.

Capturing Chronic Illness Digital Photography Exhibition: Call for Submissions

Image description: Person, almost visible but largely transparent, holding a mug in
a kitchen. Through the person we see various kitchen appliances.
Photo copyright: Donna McCormack

We invite photographic submissions to a digital exhibition on the subject of chronic illness. Donna McCormack & Ingrid Young, exhibition organisers, welcome works in progress as well as finished pieces. Submissions are not limited by style or subject. We invite submissions from people who are living with or have been affected by chronic illness and who want to share their work. We are particularly interested in photographs that challenge traditional imagery of chronic illness, and that engage with queer, feminist or decolonial modes of capturing these experiences.

As part of the submission process, we ask you to provide a short description (max 200 words) of the image (or images) and say a little about how your image speaks to chronic illness.

Photographs will be hosted on the project website, and the exhibition will form part of the Visualising Bodies programme at the Being Human Festival in November 2020.

Deadline for submission: Friday, 6 November 2020

To find out more and to submit a photograph, please go here.

Any questions? Contact:

Monster Writing Month

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer – what better time to conjure a monster!


Image description: Ghost Trees in Snow, Wikimedia Commons. Sheila Sund from Salem, United States. Image description: Snowy landscape. Two spruces covered in snow are almost swallowed by a white fog. The fog erases the line between ground and horizon.

December is Monster Writing Month at The Monster Network! We will bring three blog posts that each engage with the interconnections between writing and the monstrous, between creature and created, between words and worlds. Exploring writing as an un/lively process, and text as something that always escapes the control and intent of the author, Monster Writing Month asks what kind of creatures the writer summons – and what creatures summons the writer.

Keep an eye out (and press it back in) for the first blog post on Friday 6 December!

The Monster Writing blog posts are inspired by the workshop ‘Monster Writing’ organized by Katrine Meldgaard Kjær and Line Henriksen at ETHOS Lab, IT University of Copenhagen, November 2019.