Monster Talks 2: Weird ecologies and storytelling practices


Why are stories important? And how can weird and speculative stories contribute to change how we perceive the world that we live in and surround ourselves by? This monster talk addresses storytelling practices as creative processes, but also as political, ecological and ethical passions. Listen to Finnish writers of speculative fiction, Johanna Sinisalo and Laura Gustafsson in conversation with Ingvil Hellstrand from The Monster Network and the Network for Gender Studies at UiS. The talk is a recording from a public event in Telakka Bar, Tampere, Finland, as part of The Monster Network workshop series Monsters, Myth and Media: Nordic stories of belonging and Otherness (Funded by Nordic Culture Point).

Monster Talks is a podcast series that explores the figure of the monster and the concept of the monstrous as important thinking tools for addressing dynamics of power, inclusion and exclusion, discrimination and violence. The podcast is made possible by the support of Nordic Culture Point and produced by The Monster Network in collaboration with Network for Gender Studies at UiS. All episodes are available from the podcast’s website at UiS.