Monsters of the Anthropocene: Reading group meeting March 18th

Non humans only’ (2011) by Tove Kjellmark. Image description: a glass case on a metal trolley. The class case is filled with toy animals whose fur has been removed. A thick line of cords is connected to the glass case, and there is a painting of a small child hanging on the white wall next to the glass case. There is a window directly behind the glass case.

Tomorrow is the second meeting of the Monsters of the Anthropocene reading group series! We will meet 14:00 – 15:30 Oslo time and discuss the first chapter of Astrida Neimanis’ book Bodies of Water.

If you’re on the Monsters of the Anthropocene mailing-list, you should have received an email with Zoom link and more information about the meeting – if you haven’t, let us know! If you want to join the mailing-list, let us know!

Please notice that tomorrow is last chance to join the reading group, as we will be closing it to allow people to get to know each other and collaborate on projects. The reading group runs for two years and forms part of the Monsters of the Anthropocene Collaboratory at the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! And if you cannot stay out of the waters till then, why not read Celina Stifjell’s blog-post about sea monsters, ‘She-Monsters of the Anthropocene!’, right here on the Monster Network blog?