Save the date! Monsters of the Anthropocene celebrates Halloween on the 29th of October

Image description: Plastic toys in a glass container on wheels in the middle of a room with white walls and grey hardwood floors. Orange wires extend from the glass container. The text says: Monsters of the Anthropocene Halloween Symposium: Unruly Origins, Strange Futures. 29 October 12:00-17:00 CET. Free and online. The Monster Network and OSEH. Art by Tove Kjellmark (2011)

On October 29th the Monsters of the Anthropocene Collaboratory throw its first workshop – Unruly Origins, Strange Futures – in honour of Halloween. The workshop explores the pasts and futures of thinking with monsters, whether through art, politics, storytelling or theory, and you are invited! Participation is free and online.

The workshop begins at 12:00 CET and ends at 19:30 CET.  We will return soon with more information about speakers and programme, so save the date & join us! 

It’ll be perfectly safe.

We promise.