29 Oct: The Feeling of a Wild Slug Chewing. Arts-based methods workshop with Katja Aglert

In this workshop, which forms part of the Monsters of the Anthropocene Halloween Symposium, we invite you to bring your own work (whether artistic, academic or both) in order to explore the realm of monster-sensorial perceptions and what these can mean as active agents in experimental research. Before we engage in the interactive exercises of the workshop, Katja Aglert gives a short introduction to her artistic practice, focusing on her work with more-than-human-storytelling and methods of more-than-human-participatory research. She shares examples of processes where she explored multi-sensorial perceptions and how they can become means to materialise stories and knowledge beyond the human-centred narratives. This artistic practice and research draws from her principal question; how can we use language and simultaneously avoid the confirmation of the order we attempt to question?

As participant of the workshop, we invite you to bring – irl, imaginary, or in other ways – a figure that in some way is part of your own work (the figure can be a physical figure, a concept, a character from a book, or something completely different related to your work). You are also invited to explore together with any of the figures that Katja Aglert brings to the session, such as slugs, snails, fish, and a mosquito.

Image description: A close up of a snail with a brown and black shell, which is crawling over a finger. Image title and credit: ‘Work in process’. Katja Aglert, 2021. Photo: Oskar Aglert. 

About Katja Aglert

Katja Aglert is an independent artist with a transdisciplinary artistic practice situated in feminist and more-than-human imaginaries. Her projects has been exhibited widely in venues such as Foundation Fiminco, Romanville, France (2021); Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow, Russia (2019); Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway (2016); Biologiska museet, Stockholm (2016); Museum och Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile (2015); Marabouparken, Stockholm (2014). Her work has been featured in journals and publications such as Karib: Nordic Journal for Caribbean Studies, in the Special Collection: Poetics of Space – Archipelagos and Wanderings, edited by Tiina Peil and Michael Wiedorn (2021); Animal Places: Lively Cartographies of Human-Animal Relations, edited by Jacob Bull, Tora Holmberg and Cecilia Åsberg (Routledge, 2019) and OEI Naturbegreppet [EKOEI]  #75/76, edited by Johan redin  (2017).  She is a professor of art at Tema Genus, Gender Studies at Linköping University, Sweden, and the artistic leader and co-director of The Seed Box – an environmental humanities collaboratory. See website for more info.

This workshop forms part of the Monsters of the Anthropocene Halloween symposium ‘Unruly Origins, Strange Futures’, October 29, 12:00 – 17:00 CET. You can see the full programme and sign up for the symposium here. The symposium is free and online.